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Valley Center CERT Supports the New Revenue Measure to Help Support the Valley Center Fire Protection District.

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The Valley Center Fire Protection District protects 85 Square Miles and 20,000 residents with 2 Fire Stations. We are a Class 3-3X ISO protection Class for Insurance Rates. Homes and Commercial Property that reside beyond a 5 mile travel distance pay 30 to 40% more for Fire Insurance. 

* Valley Center Firefighters earn Minimum Wage. Valley Center Firefighter-Paramedics earn $1.00 over minimum wage.
* Valley Center Firefighters work without benefits: No Health, Dental or Optical Plan or Retirement
* Valley Center Fire Protection District is a Post Prop 13 Agency: We collect 1/10th of a pre-prop 13 agency in tax revenue.
* Developer Fees can pay for Stations, Apparatus and equipment but not Firefighters.
* Valley Center Fire Calls for Service have increased by 34% over the last 3 years
* New Development over the next 3 years will bring 1800 new residences and up to 50 light commercial businesses into the community which will increase our call volume and reduce our reliability to the community due to simultaneous calls for service.
* 25% of the time another neighboring agency must travel greater distances to answer calls within our response area due to simultaneous calls for service. This means we are 75% reliable to our community for Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Our Goals

* Replace the State of California Fire Prevention Fee that has been repealed with a Locally Controlled Revenue Measure utilizing a $180.00 special parcel tax.
* Provide our Firefighters with a living wage and provide our Firefighters with a healthcare plan and a 401K retirement which will improve recruitment and retention. 
* We will not be in the CALPERS Retirement System
* Build a New Fire Station to reduce Fire and Emergency Medical response times, lower insurance rates and increase reliability for calls in our community from 75% to 95%
* Improve working and living conditions in our two existing Fire Stations
* Replace old and aging Fire, Rescue and Paramedic Equipment.
* Enhance Community Education and Community Risk Reduction Programs
* Enhance Firefighter Training and Life Safety Programs

Thank you for the opportunity to gain your trust and endorsement of this vital revenue measure for the safety of our community.